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Standing before her in the room, she looked a bit nervous while I clutched her. "No, I'm going to massage you, you'll be thanking me afterwards." I countered. She tried to turn her head, while I held her wrists. I began rubbing both shoulders, concentrating on her traps. I really had no interest in the massage, I wanted this piece of ass so bad. "You're so tense baby, you need to chill out" I said to her - that go zero response. Every few seconds I would slide my hands on top of her shoulders and down her arms. Glancing over at the digital clock on the desk, it now read . Earlier that morning I had noticed her nipples through her tight biking top when she came back from her morning ride and wondered about sucking them like a baby. Finally, she turned, faced me and wrapped her arms around me, sliding her tongue in my mouth... "If we're going to do it, we better hurry, Michael gets up at 5" She said. I stared at her and thought to myself, I'm going to abuse this bitch for all the times she made our lives miserable. ' I asked as she stood up and pulled me towards her.

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Same old bullshit, a couple of beers here and some leftover pizza there. In black tights, you can just imagine hot it looks. At about AM I walked upstairs and into their computer room. After five minutes, she said, "Thank you, it feels better." She pulled away, I looked at her and said, 'I saw you stretching your legs tonight, legs hurt too? I'm going to help you." She looked at me and tried to walk past me towards the door, that was wide open. She also told my wife he has the smallest dick she has ever seen; ouch! I ran my tongue around her mouth, licking her teeth, lips and all the while, she was moaning like a dog in heat. I pulled away from her and turned her around and sat her down on the computer chair.

When I first met my wife, she told me her sister thought I was crazy.

She moved to the edge of the futon and I stood in front of her and she began to suck some more... It was still dark outside, as I gazed out the window thinking of this horny slut blowing me.

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Between 40-50 lunch dinner dates a couple of times a month.

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